How to Direct Your Clients to YOU!

You’ve got your Pilates website, your facebook page, your Instagram handle, and you’re posting and liking and following, and your phone and inbox are silent. No new clients are coming through your social channels. Sure, teachers and friends are loving what you’re doing. But, their love isn’t putting money in your bank account and bodies on your reformers. So, what’s happening? What is the disconnect? Are you doing it all wrong?

I’m happy to share with you that you don’t need to spend hours a day on social media to build your business. You should be spending time on your business to build your business. I don’t mean teaching Pilates more. I mean sitting down and looking at your business from the eyes of your future clients.

First, let me just say that you can spend all the time you want on your social channels and I love mine. But, if you’re hoping they drive business to you then make sure that your business channels are doing just that. Your posts should direct people back to your website. You don’t own those friends and followers on your channels. So, if your favorite channel disappears so does all your ability to reach those people.

That means spending time on your own website. Curating content and an experience that tells your future client who you are, whom you’re for and how they can experience Pilates with you.

I know that is easier said than done! For more details on this check out my course for “What your Website needs.

When you have your website showing how you will rock their Pilates needs you can post content on your business social channels that show off these experiences.

Now, let’s talk about that social media and your community. The beauty (and I say this often) about being a Pilates instructor is that you don’t need all the followers in the world. Sure, it looks cool to have thousands of people following you, but you couldn’t teach all those people if you wanted to and they most likely do not even live near your studio. So, all their likes and hearts don’t build your business up.

Instead, focus on becoming known in your community for what you offer. Again, another easier said than done sentence. The truth is whether your goal is just to teach what you want to teach when you want to teach it, or maybe you want to eventually travel the globe teaching what you love you need to set up a foundation where you are. You need to become known for what it is you do.

Your website will be the hub, and your social will help support this. But, what do you want to be known for? How do you discover this? And, once you discover it how do you articulate it? These questions and more will be the basis for my October 19th webinar. It’s time you show up and become what my friend Ava at YAMA Talent likes to call a “Regional Rockstar.”

So my Pilates pros, this week take a moment to look at your site. Does it show you off for what you are offering? Do your social channels show the experience you want clients to see?

Let’s talk about this and more in the comments below or at the next webinar.


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